Supplier Expectations

Kirby Corporation and its subsidiaries (collectively, “Kirby”) have established a Vendor Code of Conduct applicable to their manufacturers, distributors, vendors, other suppliers, and contractors (collectively “suppliers”).  Suppliers will be evaluated to confirm adherence to the Vendor Code of Conduct.

Among other things, Kirby expects its suppliers to:

  • comply with laws, rules and regulations applicable to their business;
  • avoid conflicts of interest;
  • comply with anti-corruption laws;
  • comply with anti-trust and competition laws as well as trade control and anti-boycott requirements;
  • provide a safe and healthy workplace in compliance with applicable safety and health laws;
  • cooperate with Kirby’s commitment to equal opportunity and providing a workplace free of sexual or other harassment or discrimination;
  • use only voluntary labor and not engage in slavery or human trafficking in any part of its supply chain;
  • comply with all local wage and hour and minimum working age laws and requirements; the use of child labor is prohibited; 
  • treat workers with dignity and respect human rights; 
  • comply with environmental laws, including laws and international treaties relating to waste disposal, emissions, discharges, and hazardous and toxic material handling; and
  • with regard to products supplied to Kirby, not procure “conflict minerals” from sources that directly or indirectly benefit or finance armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries.

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