Osprey Line

Osprey Line has been providing a viable transportation alternative to shippers since 2000. Our staff has over 40 years of experience in transportation and logistics. We specialize in project, heavy equipment, military and breakbulk cargo moves.

We can customize a logistic package to meet your project cargo requirements.

At Osprey Line, we understand the importance of safe, reliable transportation. We offer a service that gives shippers the ability to meet on time delivery.

Project Cargo By Barge

Osprey Line is one of the nation’s most trusted inland and offshore transporter of heavyweight and oversized project cargo by deck or hopper barges. Our project cargo capabilities include manufacturing equipment, factory components, power-gen systems (turbines and windmills), offshore rig equipment, military equipment or any other over dimensional or overweight cargo.

Osprey Line has demostrated that key factors to successful project transportation are matching the right marine equipment to the cargo, on-time delivery, communication and flexibility.

We offer extensive planning and coordination for all parties involved, with a hands-on focus on advance planning of the scheduled transportation date. We ensure no element is overlooked.

For any project inquiries please contact us at: projects@ospreyline.com


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