COVID-19 Response

Message from the CEO, David Grzebinski: 

I am personally proud of the way Kirby has responded to COVID-19. Our team quickly activated our pandemic response plan in early March which was designed to ensure business continuity, uninterrupted customer service, and the safety of our employees. During this crisis, we implemented many safeguards to protect our employees, including: working remotely where possible, enhanced PPE and medical protocols, limited mariner interaction with shoreside personnel, and modified crew change timing and procedures. We also quarantined employees who showed symptoms of the virus as a precaution. I’m pleased to say our employees transitioned very well. Even in tough market conditions, our businesses continued to operate seamlessly, and we’ve had very few cases of the virus amongst our 5,800 employees.

Further, in an effort to support the fight against the virus, a team of engineers from our Stewart & Stevenson subsidiary have worked together with Rice University to design a prototype low cost ventilator. This project has moved with rapid speed, going from design to prototype in a matter of weeks, and we are currently awaiting emergency use approval from the FDA.

I am extremely proud and humbled by the dedicated Kirby employees who have stepped-up during these challenging times to ensure continuous operations without compromising safety or customer service.


To read more about the low cost ventilator please see the press release here.