Kirby Corporation has a long history of supporting charity.

Giving Back to our Industry

Kirby has a long history of supporting foundations, associations and institutions whose charitable work
is related to Kirby’s core values
Seaman’s Church Institute

North America’s largest mariner’s service agency providing spiritual support, maritime education and legal advocacy to thousands of mariners and port workers. In the last 5 years, Kirby has donated more than $1 million to the institute. Kirby donated a wheelhouse training simulator to the institute which is used to provide navigational training to 1,600 mariners each year. Many of Kirby’s officers give their time and expertise to help the institute.

U.S. Coast Guard Foundation

Focuses on the well-being, education, and morale of the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard and their families. Kirby has proudly supported this organization for more than 30 years.

Galveston Bay Foundation

Promotes advocacy, conservation, education, and research related to Galveston Bay. Kirby has been a major contributor to the foundation for many years and participates in annual clean-ups of Galveston Bay and donates a vessel to assist

Other Industry Associations and Foundations

Other Organizations Sponsored

Supporting our Employees and Communities when Disaster Strikes

Our people make the difference, and our motto “Do the Right Thing” is a fundamental value. We strive
to provide our employees and their families support and resources when they need it most.

The Kirby Disaster Relief Fund

Nonprofit charitable organization that provides support to Kirby employees, families, and communities affected by natural disasters or qualified family hardship. Kirby matches all employee contributions to the fund at 100%.

Teams and emergency supplies are ready to deploy to affected areas to protect and aid employees and their families when natural disasters occur including hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding. Kirby has a long history of assisting distressed people and vessels on the water

Hurricane Ida Response Efforts:
▪ Initiated contact with 1,000+ employees via text message
▪ 200+ families impacted by storm
▪ 143 of those impacted requested Kirby assistance
▪ 80+ portable generators provided
▪ 8,000 gallons of gasoline provided to employees in need

Employee Benefits & Engagement

At Kirby, our employees are our most important assets. Wellness, education and training, and employee engagement create
positive morale and a family-friendly atmosphere.

Corporate Culture Survey Insights:

Employees are unified in our commitment to safety
Employees believe that Kirby has a customer
focus and clear strategic direction

Employees would like to do more community involvement

Employees are unified in our commitment to safety
Employees believe that Kirby has a customer
focus and clear strategic direction
Employees would like to do more community involvement

Training & Education

At Kirby, our employees are our most important assets. We believe personal & professional development is necessary for a work
environment to thrive and achieve its best results. Kirby takes pride in training and educating its employees so that they are equipped to
accomplish tasks and grow in vocational & leadership pursuits.


All employees must complete training on the programs below:
▪ Environmental
▪ Health
▪ Safety classes
▪ Environmental, health, and safety topics include the following:
▪ Global Safety Principles,
▪ ‘Slips, Trips & Falls’
▪ Universal Waste Rule
▪ Defensive and distracted driving
▪ First aid basic and medical emergencies

Leadership & Development Skills

The Company’s leadership and managerial training includes in-person and an on-line training
curriculum that is available to both supervisory employees and those employees that aspire to move into such roles in the future. It
includes a series of classes focused on management essentials which provide in-depth education in specific subjects such as
leadership, strategic thinking, coaching and people development, decision making, problem solving, and communication.
▪ Business Writing
▪ Risk-Based Thinking
▪ Initiating & Planning a Project
▪ Transitioning into a Project Management Role


Additional training for employees on the programs below:
▪ Business Ethics Guidelines
▪ Anti-corruption training
▪ Cybersecurity Awareness
▪ Diversity and Inclusion

Kirby Marine Transportation

Distribution & Services

The Kirby Training Center utilizes state-of-the-art equipment,
instructional aids and has a full mission bridge simulator to provide
US Coast Guard (“USCG”) approved certifications and training
▪ The marine segment provides a clear career progression for vessel
personnel from entry level deckhand to captain and regularly reviews
promotions from one level to another
2021 Highlights:
▪ ~950 certificates were issued for the completion of courses at the
training facility, of which approximately 550 were USCG approved
▪ 91% of the fleet has received first-hand training on Sterile
Wheelhouse and Assist Boat Use
▪ 168 Wheelmen attended Advanced Pilothouse Management in 2021
▪ 156 Wheelmen received direct training from the Wheelhouse
Assessment Program (WAP) Team
▪ Created and Implemented the Shiphandling Theory and Advanced
RADAR Training (START) program
▪ Graduated 34 Steersmen exceeding goal of 30; Graduated 88
Tankerman exceeding goal of 75

In distribution and services, the Company facilitates training courses
via online courses and instructor-led classes that cover a range of skill
related topics including the following:
▪ generator knowledge, introduction to hydraulic systems, introduction
to electrical diagrams, introduction to transformers, and Electrical
Generation Systems Association journeyman study, as well as
numerous courses led by its OEM partners

▪ The distribution and services segment has multiple career
progressions within its numerous job group

Technicians participating in an electrical troubleshooting
class at the Houston Training Center

Marine Transportation – Career Advancement

Pathways to Diversity

Kirby is making inroads in diversity…

Our people are the most important asset we have at Kirby, and our Core Values promote a workplace that values mutual respect, knowledge sharing, and teamwork. We continue to advance our “People” core value through our ongoing efforts around promoting our culture and workforce development. Our current initiatives include robust hiring and promotion practices, our leadership development training initiatives, and our corporate-wide inclusion and diversity training. This training is provided to managers and employees to support continued advancement and includes coaching, mentorship, and effective feedback.

  • Elected first female board member in 2015 and second in 2019
  • Elected a new racially/ethnically diverse board member in 2021
  • Females represent 22% of the Executive Leadership including:
    • VP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
    • VP and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Females represent ~28% of the managerial and professional staff
    • Directors and Vice Presidents in Finance/Accounting, Marketing, Legal, Human Resources, and E-Commerce
  • All employees are required to complete diversity and inclusion training in 2021
Diversity Statistics