Maritime Careers


Kirby Inland Marine and Kirby Offshore Marine believe that among the major elements of a successful and productive work force are effective training programs. Kirby also believes that training in the proper performance of a job enhances both the safety and quality of the service provided.

New technology, regulatory compliance, personnel safety, quality, and environmental concerns create additional demands for training. Kirby fully endorses the development and institution of effective training programs, at all levels of the company.

Commitment to Advancement

Kirby Inland Marine and Kirby Offshore Marine recognize the value of people and both encourages and assists shore side and vessel employees in pursuing the training required for completing their responsibilities efficiently and safely.

Human resource managers throughout the company actively recruit in all parts of the United States to secure the most talented individuals available. Existing and newly hired vessel employees benefit from the Kirby Training Center, which utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, instructional aids and real life simulations on working equipment to continually prepare them for meeting the challenges of their position assignments. Each year, the Kirby Training Center issues more than 1,000 training certificates to Kirby employees, customer employees and US Coast Guard personnel.

In addition, Kirby’s corporate office provides classroom facilities for shore side employees equipped with computers and state-of-the-art instructional/presentation aids. In this setting, Kirby employees receive instruction in courses ranging from ISO 9002 to internal operational and financial software applications.

Why Choose Kirby?

Training Center

Customer service, quality, safety, and a genuine respect and appreciation for the environment in which we operate are important elements of Kirby’s operational philosophy. Clearly, these can only be delivered by a qualified, motivated, and well-trained work force with a dedication to continuous improvement. The Company believes that training programs incorporating these elements are an essential component of a qualified productive work force and that such training programs influence behavior in a positive way.

New technology, regulatory compliance, personnel safety, quality, and environmental concerns are creating additional demands for training. To meet these challenges, the Company has established and maintains a corporate training facility. The Kirby Corporation Training Center is tasked with developing, conducting, and maintaining training programs for the benefit of all operating entities and for ensuring that training programs are both consistent and effective.

We believe that effective training is essential and view the cost associated with such training as an investment in our employees rather than an expense. Because of this, Kirby Corporation gave departmental status to the training function and established The Kirby Corporation Training Center.