Kirby Ocean Transport Company is the operating subsidiary of Kirby Corporation for three offshore dry-bulk barge and tugboat units. The principal operating office of Kirby Ocean Transport is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A Kirby Ocean Transport sales and contracting office is located at the Kirby Corporation Houston address.


Kirby Ocean Transport moves dry-bulk products, primarily coal and limestone, on the Lower Mississippi River and across the Gulf of Mexico using three offshore dry-bulk barge and tugboat units.


Kirby Ocean Transport has historically deployed its fleet predominately in U.S. waters as a U.S. flag, Jones Act owner and operator of ocean going vessels. Much of this domestic service has been in “cross gulf” service referring to a network of customers which contract for the services of a major portion of the available fleet vessel days in the Gulf of Mexico trade.

Mission Statement

Kirby Ocean Transport has committed itself to the identification and pursuit of term contracts for the carriage of domestic dry-bulk cargoes requiring special attention to safety and reliability of operation. Kirby Ocean Transport has and will continue to demonstrate a strong innovative approach to developing transportation proposals and systems to accommodate specialty, niche, and difficult cargo operations.

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