In the Marine Transportation segment, Kirby is primarily a provider of transportation services by tank barge for inland and coastal markets.

In the inland market, Kirby operates on the U.S. inland waterway system, which is composed of a network of interconnected rivers and canals that serve the nation as water highways and is one of the world’s most efficient transportation systems. The inland waterway system extends approximately 26,000 miles, 12,000 miles of which are generally considered significant for domestic commerce, through 38 states, with 635 shallow draft ports. The inland tank barge industry provides marine transportation of bulk liquid cargoes for customers throughout this marine highway system, including on the Mississippi River, its tributaries and on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. The most significant markets in this industry include the transportation of petrochemicals, black oil, refined petroleum products, and agricultural chemicals. Kirby’s inland tank barges carry all of these products.  

The U.S. coastal system consists of ports along the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific coasts, as well as ports in Alaska, Hawaii and on the Great Lakes. The coastal trade is also vital to the U.S. cargo distribution system, particularly the regional distribution of refined petroleum products from refineries and storage facilities to other refineries, distribution terminals, power plants and ships.  In addition, coastal tank barges are used frequently to distribute products from pipelines. Smaller volumes of petrochemicals are distributed from Gulf Coast plants to end users and black oil, including crude oil and natural gas condensate, is distributed regionally from refineries and terminals along the United States coast to refineries, power plants and distribution terminals. In addition, Kirby operates five offshore barge and tugboat units which carry coal from the Mississippi River to Florida and limestone rock out of Florida on return trips, as well as bulk sugar from Florida to various sugar refining facilities along the Eastern Seaboard.

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