Welcome to the Employee portal. Please select the hyperlink below that will best serve your needs:

Ceridian Self Service Login Screen


This website provides employees access to their Personal, Payroll & Tax and Benefit Information, as well as Company Documents and Forms. A user ID and password are required.

Kirby SharePoint Portal


This website provides a variety of collaborative tools and information related to projects and work processes corporate-wide. Users may access this website from a Kirby network or via the internet with a valid user ID and password.

Benefits Enrollment

MetLife Benefits Expert

The Benefits Expert (TBX) system is for all eligible employees to enroll in health and welfare benefits. 

Report-to-Work instructions

Kirby Marine Transportation Group

All offices are scheduled to be open for business as usual. 

Employees can also retrieve the latest report-to-work instructions by calling (713) 435-1460 or toll free (844) 399-7534. Please listen to the recorded instructions, select your respective office location and then listen to the recording. If your work location is open for business and you determine it is unsafe to commute to work, you should contact your supervisor by either telephone or email and explain your situation.

Be Safe!